Crowns and Bridges

Crowns or “caps” help to protect the teeth by rebuilding them to its optimal shape and function in the case when it has an existing large fillings due to decay, root canal treated teeth, cracks or fractures that can propagate placing the tooth at risk for fracture. Crown provides complete coverage restoration for compromised tooth that may not able to withstand natural forces from biting as it is weakened for various reasons. Crowns can be made using various materials depending on esthetic demands. Our team would be happy to discuss various options available and what may be the best fit for you.

Bridge is a restoration that involves multiple teeth and is used when a single or several teeth are missing. It helps to replace missing teeth. Other alternatives to replace missing teeth could also include implant which is explained in different area of our website. Both a single unit crown and bridge can help you to have your smile back while replacing missing tooth to restore your ability to chew and function properly.

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